Three types of card are available:

  • Ordinary non-transferable card:
    • A non-transferable card bearing the full name and a photo of the holder. 
    • Users can enjoy all the advantages of the MUGI system.
    • Only the card holder can travel with them.

Tarjeta ordinaria

  • Non-transferable reduced fare card:
    • Non-transferable cards which accredit that the holder belongs to a specific group eligible for credit bonuses during top-ups: 
      • Young people
      • Large family 
      • Seniors
      • People with disabilities 
      • Social
    • Each card bears the full name and a photo of its holder, and carries a letter indicating the special discount group to which they belong.
    • Only the card holder him or herself can travel with their card.
    • Cards entitle holders to bonuses (extra credit) when topped up.
    • They are issued for a limited time only.

Tarjeta colectivos

  • Travelcards:
    This is a transferable ticket which offers a 32% discount on normal fares. It is suitable for groups travelling together (schools, businesses) and tourists, etc. It costs €5 and can be purchased from authorised sale points in the application & top-up network (no forms need to be filled in). On the services run by some transport companies it can be used by more than one person at the same time (multi-validation) in same ways of transport: 


Tarjeta anonima

    • On Dbus: No limit on group size so long as the card has sufficient credit. The card must be validated for each traveller on each journey. Self-validation system (i.e. the driver is not involved).
    • On Lurraldebus and other city bus services: Valid for groups of up to 9 people travelling together. Travelcards are validated by the bus driver and there is no need to re-validate at the end of your journey.
    • On trains (Euskotren and Renfe): Multi-validation is not possible. Only one person at a time may travel with the card.


The ATTG offers Gipuzkoa the transport service it needs at every moment, coordinating the different means and operating companies, as well as improving information for citizens.



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