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Route planner

"¡Get moving with MUGI! This unified tariff system launched by the Territorial Transport Authority of Gipuzkoa (ATTG) makes it possible to travel around on all the main forms of transport in Gipuzkoa via a single means

MUGI services

Service for users

We solve all your inquiries. Contact us via our service telephone on 943 000 117 or send an email to

Lines and Schedules

Discover all the available lines and their schedules. Discover the best option for your needs. Plan your trips!


Request and Top-Up Points

Discover where and how to top-up your MUGI card


Accessible Transport and Regulations

The guarantee of a transport service that is accessible to everyone, whether or not they have problems with mobility, sensory communication, perception or different cognitive or mental levels.

"Mobility as a fundamental right for EVERYONE. We are an ACCESSIBLE SERVICE for everyone in an environment that is friendly, SAFE AND COMFORTABLE".



At Mugi we support the respect of an education protocol that befits a modern society like the one we live in.

Healthy Lifestyle

Mugi, through the Dbizi project, encourages the use of bicycles as a form of transport in order to strengthen sustainable mobility.



Looking after and protecting the environment has to be a priority, as we think about ourselves and our children.



The cultural project in the public transport setting strengthens our commitment to the promotion of culture.


Everyone wins with the Gipuzkoa public transport service: travellers like you in terms of time and convenience, and our environment, in terms of sustainability.



Daily life makes us share public spaces where, thanks to certain regulations regarding behaviour and social etiquette, we can evolve as a society.

Integrated Operators




The ATTG offers Gipuzkoa the transport service it needs at every moment, coordinating the different means and operating companies, as well as improving information for citizens.



Easo kalea 74, 1C

20006 Donostia

943 000 117