You aren’t from Gipuzkoa but you’re going to spend a few days touring our historical territory? Public transport in Gipuzkoa makes it easy for you with the BasqueCard.

Visit all the sites of interest and get around quickly and comfortably in sustainable transport, with the BasqueCard.


These cards include a tourist package and journeys on public transport. They can be purchased at the Tourist Offices of Donostia and the largest towns in the territory at the price of €26. This card is non-personal and it can be used by more than one person at the same time (multi-validation) in same ways of transport:

  • City bus in Donostia (Dbus): As long as the card balance allows, an unlimited number of people can all travel at the same time. The card must be validated once for each traveller.
  • Intercity bus services and other city bus services: Up to a maximum of 9 people can travel at the same time. The operation is assisted by the driver and validation will therefore not be necessary when alighting.
  • Railways: Multi-validation is not allowed. It can be used by only one person on any one journey.

 To see more information about the BasqueCard or to find out about discounts and advantages, click here.

Fares comparison table:

  0 jumps 1 jumps 2 jumps 3 jumps 4 jumps 5 jumps
Single ticket 1'85 € 2'75 € 5'10 € 7'45 € 9'65 € 12'90 €
BASQUECARD 1'26 € 1'87 € 3'47 € 5'07 € 6'56 € 8'77 €
Night rate 2'50 € 3'50 € 6'10 € 8'45 € 10'65 € 13'90 €

Links of interest for tourists


The ATTG offers Gipuzkoa the transport service it needs at every moment, coordinating the different means and operating companies, as well as improving information for citizens.



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