What is the MUGI system?

This integrated ticketing system set up by the Gipuzkoa Regional Transport Authority (GGLA-ATTG) means that the same card - known as the Mugi card - can be used to travel on all the main forms of transport in Gipuzkoa.

The Mugi system offers great advantages to frequent users of public transport, in the form of:

  • A single payment system: The same card can be used throughout the entire public transport system.
  • Common fares and zoning: Common fares mean that the same journey always costs the same amount, whatever form of transport is used. The zoning system is the basis of all the fares applied in Mugi.
  • Discounts for frequent use: The more the card holder uses public transport, the cheaper each journey becomes.
  • Special rates for connections: Free connections between routes run by the same company and discounts for connections between routes run by different operators.
  • Extra credit for members of reduced fare groups: seniors, young people, etc.


The ATTG offers Gipuzkoa the transport service it needs at every moment, coordinating the different means and operating companies, as well as improving information for citizens.



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