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MUGI sistemak 6.4 milioi euro itzuli zituen 2021ean, pertsona ahulenentzako hobari sozialetan



Call of Duty betting tips and sites

In terms of betting on Call of Duty, your options are the same as in other esports. You can bet on match winners, as well as a variety of other markets including kill handicaps, total kills and maps won.

The best thing you can do to improve your chances of being successful when you bet on Call of Duty is to keep up with events in the scene. If you are a fan then this shouldn’t be too hard. However if it is new to you, it is worth making the effort to get up to speed with the teams and players before placing any real money wagers. It only takes a few minutes in Google or Reddit to get an idea about which teams are good and which players are rising stars worth paying attention to. As well as looking at what happened recently, also keep an eye out for roster changes that might help or hinder upcoming games. Finally check out our reviews below for some great Call of Duty betting sites.

What is CoD betting?

So, what is CoD betting?

Well, it's pretty straightforward. It's the same as betting on any other sport, really. You can bet on match winners, outright winners and handicaps. Like in fantasy sports betting, you can bet on individual players coming out on top in a certain aspect of the game. You can even wager on who will be the first player to kill an enemy or plant a bomb in the round!

Which CoD tournaments offer the most potential for bettors?

Because the CoD League is so new, there are fewer betting opportunities to choose from than you'd have with a game like Dota 2 or StarCraft II. You still have lots of choices, though—the following tournaments offer great matches and the opportunity to earn some money while watching!

  • World War II Championship Series (CWL) – This was the first CoD League ever, back in 2015. Not only is it fun to watch some of the earlier matches for historical context, but even as more recent games become available on YouTube and Twitch, this tournament continues to be a big draw. It also has lots of opportunities for you to place your bets. The 2018 edition had five major events:

  • CWL Pro League – Held at the MLG Arena in Columbus, Ohio from January 23–29th. Eight teams competed for $700K total prize pool.

  • Stage 1 Playoffs – Held at MLG Arena in Columbus, Ohio from April 20–22nd. Four teams competed for $500K total prize pool.

  • Stage 2 Playoffs – Held at MLG Arena in Columbus, Ohio from June 15–17th. Four teams competed for $500K total prize pool.

  • Championships – Held at Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio August 15–19th.$1M awarded across 16 teams competing

How to bet on video games in general

The entire process can be broken down into a simple, seven-step guide:

  • Find the right esports bookmaker for you.

  • Choose how much money to invest in esports betting, and which payment method you want to use (e.g., credit card, bitcoin).

  • Open an account and make your first deposit at your chosen esports bookmaker.

  • Pick a game or match that you think you have the best odds of winning on (e.g., Call of Duty League playoffs) and select a betting market that seems most promising to you (e.g., outright winner). Some useful tips for narrowing down the list of games and markets include finding out more about each game’s popularity, looking up which players are considered among the best in their field, watching live-streamed gameplay videos on YouTube or Twitch, and reading articles by experts in this field (for instance, those published by Luckbox).

  • Place a bet at the odds advertised by your bookmaker on your chosen bet type (outright winner) for your selected match/game (Call of Duty League playoffs), using one of three basic types of wager: single bets (betting on one outcome; e.g., Atlanta FaZe winning), multiple bets (betting with two or more outcomes combined; e.g., Dallas Empire winning both Half 1 & Half 2), or system bets (multiple bets based on a specified number of possible outcomes; e .g . 2 from 3). You can also choose between decimal odds—which reflect how much money will be returned if successful—or fractional odds—which express winnings as multiples of stake placed plus initial stake itself—as well as American odds format (+100 means even money bet will return $100 if won). The amount placed is called the stake; this is deducted from your balance when placing a bet and returned after it has been settled plus any winnings due to you if

Balantzearen aurkezpena 2021

  • Gipuzkoako Garraio Agintaritzako Lehendakaria Rafaela Romerok azpimarratu duenez, Gipuzkoako tarifa-eredua, mugi sistema, bidezko eredua da, sozialki eta ekonomikoki ahulenak diren pertsonei mesede egiten diena, eta pertsona horiei 6,4 milioi euroko hobariak itzuli dizkie 2021ean, 2013tik aurrera 52.420.785 milioi guztira, urte horretan onartu baitzen gure tarifen integraziorako eredua.
  • Romerok, Lehendakaria eta ATTGko zuzendariak, Eluska Renedo-Illarregik, MUGIren 2021eko balantzea azaltzeko aurkezpena egin dute elkarrekin, eta azpimarratu dute 2021ean eskaria BERRITZEA garrantzitsua izan dela, batez beste % 80ra iritsi baita MUGIn integratutako operadore guztietan. Halaber, datuen azterketak 2022an eskariaren % 100era arte berreskura daitekeela aurreikusten dute.
  • Romerok nabarmendu duenez, MUGI txartelak gora egiten jarraitzen du, erabiltzaile berri askorekin, eta MUGI txartela garraio-zerbitzu publiko guztietan – Hirikoak eta inteurbanoak, errepidekoak eta trenbidekoak – Erabiltzen den txartela da. Iaz, MUGIk RENFEren titulu propioak gainditzen zituen, baina erabilera esponentzialki handitu da 2021ean.

«Gazteak mugitzen dira!» lehiaketa hasi da Mondragon Unibertsitatearen lankidetzarekin




  • Цель акции - мобилизовать пользователей карты MUGI в возрасте от 14 до 25 лет в рамках Европейской недели мобильности посредством аудиовизуального конкурса в социальных сетях.
  • После конкурса студенты отделения аудиовизуальной коммуникации Mondragon Unibertsitatea разработают аудиовизуальный проект на основе материалов, созданных для использования в будущих кампаниях Департаментом мобильности и пространственного планирования провинции.
  • Рафаэла Ромеро: «Цель этой акции - вовлечь молодых людей в устойчивую мобильность и помочь нам продвигать общественный транспорт, использование велосипедов и пешеходных маршрутов с их ценной точки зрения».
  • Нагоре Ипинья: «Творчество, воображение и аудиовизуальные ресурсы - это очень хорошие навыки и инструменты для молодых студентов, которые могут работать над такими важными аспектами, как устойчивая мобильность».

MUGIren erabateko elkarreragingarritasuna Araban




  • Irailaren 20tik aurrera, astelehena, MUGI txartelarekin bidaiatu ahal izango da Arabako garraio zerbitzu publiko guztietan.
  • Egun horretatik aurrera, Gasteizko hiribusean, TUVISAn, Gipuzkoako garraio txartelarekin ere bidaiatu ahal izango da.
  • Arabako BAT txartel arruntarekin ordaintzen den tarifa bera ordainduko da.

MUGIa 2022. urtearen hasieran helduko da Bilboko metrora



  • Gipuzkoako Garraioaren Lurralde Agintaritzak jakinarazi duenez, 2022. urtearen hasieran Bilboko metroan bidaiatu ahal izango da MUGI txartelarekin.
  • Rafaela Romero, GGLAko presidenteak honakoa adierazi du: “Mugarri berri bat da, MUGIaren erabileraren irismena hobetzen duena, Gipuzkoaren eta gipuzkoarren mesedetan. Urtebetean, Gipuzkoatik Bilbora bidaiatzen duten bidaiarien kopurua 824.129 da; eta, egunero, ia 4.000 pertsonek erabiltzen dute garraio publikoa.”


GGLAk unean uneko garraio zerbitzua eskaintzen dio Gipuzkoari, baliabide eta operadore desberdinak bateratzeaz gain, herritarrentzat informazioa hobetzen.


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